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Number of Levels: 4
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Annette Flavel , Fanny Riva Palacio , Francisco Loyda , Isabel Moreno , Patricia Martínez

Crickets is a new four-level preschool series that integrates all the domains of early learning. The learning cycle is based on the 5 E’s methodology (Engage, Explore, Explain, Elaborate, Evaluate). This instructional model relies on the constructivist approach to learning. Crickets fosters the development of cognitive skills and integrates early literacy skills, phonological awareness, alphabet knowledge, concepts of print, science, mathematics, social studies, arts, physical development, problem solving, knowledge of the world and social and emotional development. It also Includes CLIL lessons appropriate for the age of the students
plus promotes the use of ICT (Information and Communication Technology) through interactive activities and videos. This new series also features a resource CD with posters and more engaging extension activities

Student’s book
Practice book
Crickets Tales Book
Teacher’s book
Teacher’s Resource CD and Class CDs
Flashcards & Story cards
Classroom Language Flashcards (1-3)

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