Amanda and Friends

Amanda and Friends is a new three-level preschool series that aims at exposing their students to English following a natural approach.

Big Jungle Fun

Big Jungle Fun is the perfect series for extended timetables of bilingual schools and schools with many contact hours of English.

Jungle Fun

Jungle Fun is the perfect series for schools and kindergartens that aim at exposing their students to English without a high frequency of contact hours per week.


Crickets is a new four-level preschool series that integrates all the domains of early learning.


Gumdrops is an exciting, comprehensive, four-level preschool series that incorporates the most recent methodology proven to be effective in teaching little ones English.

Tippy Toes

Tippy Toes is an exciting preschool series for very young children. It fosters personal and social development, language and literacy, mathematics, knowing about the world and the environment, artistic development and health development.

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