Tippy Toes

American English

Number of Levels: 4
Sample Units:

Unit 1
Unit 2
Unit 3

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Rebecca Lee Williams

Tippy Toes is an exciting preschool series for very young children. It fosters personal and social development, language and literacy, mathematics, knowing about the world and the environment, artistic development and health development.

With Tippy Toes students will:

  • assimilate grammar structures and vocabulary through engaging activities
  • develop cognitive, vocabulary and pronunciation skills with stories that model natural language
  • explore different areas of the curriculum further, through class projects
  • learn basic letter–sound relationships through a comprehensive phonics program

The Student's Pack contains:

My First Letters and Sounds This book provides a foundation to literacy, allowing children to develop phonemic awareness while reinforcing vocabulary. Activity pages contain clear and simple instructions, with games to introduce and practice sounds. It includes an audio CD.

For Students
Student's Book Pack (includes My First Letters and Sounds)
Activity Book
Tippy Toes App (Level 1)
Letters and Sounds App
For Teachers
Teacher’s Guide
 Class CD
 Big Book
 Fun Activity Mat
 Posters and Cutouts
 Puppet (Level 3 only, print NOT soft toy)
 Digital Book

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