Compass Starter

Number of Levels: 7
CEFR: Pre A1 – B1+

International English

COMPASS STARTER is the latest addition to the brand new Compass Series.

It offers more visual and auditory resources than Level 1 to cater for the needs of emergent readers and writers.


Key Features

Speaking activities are carefully guided.

Grammar is presented communicatively.

Phonics instruction follows a Synthetic Phonics Approach to teaching.

Writing skills develop slowly, from word phrase to sentence level.


Compass is now a 7-level elementary school language arts program specially written to be used in countries where English is not the official language. Its modular and flexible organization of components offers teachers and students a distinct language learning experience that would increase students’ cultural awareness and foster their development of thinking skills.

Presenting a unique blend of ESL and EFL methodologies and standards, Compass becomes the language arts program students will love using to meaningfully learn the language and carefully prepare themselves to sit for any international language examination.

For Students
Language Log
Vocabulary and Grammar Log
Reading Log
Writing Log
Compass Platform
For Teachers
 Language Log Teacher´s Guide
 Writing Log Teacher´s Guide
 Reading Log Teacher´s Guide
 Phonics Resource Book
 Writing Log Teacher´s Guide
 Language Log Flashcards
 Reading Log Flashcards
 Compass Platform

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