Thumbs Up! Second Edition

American English

Number of Levels: 6
CEFR: A1/A2 – B1
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Julia Starr Keddle , Martyn Hobbs , Sarah Fash , Suzanne Harris

Thumbs Up! SECOND EDITION is a six-level primary series that motivates children to learn English while developing other areas of knowledge. It fosters students’ critical thinking skills, creativity and natural curiosity through comics, videos, crosscurricular themes, games, poems and songs.


  • discover grammar rules at their own pace over several presentations
  • focus on meaning rather than on form, as in first language acquisition
  • have a structured reading skills program with original stories, a comprehensive phonics and spelling program, and a six-level writing program
  • reinforce values by means of a series of comics accompanied with fun activities
  • develop their listening skills and broaden their knowledge of the world through a series of videos and fun activities


For Students
Student’s book
Practice Book
Student’s Resource Book
Practice Tests Booklet
Student’s CD
Richmond Spiral Platform
For Teachers
 Teacher’s Guide (Units 1-4)
 Teacher’s Guide (Units 5-8)
 Student’s Resource Book
 Posters and Poster Cutouts
 Student’s Resource Book
 Practice Tests Booklet 
 Teacher’s Resource CDs
 Richmond Spiral Platform

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