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Big Jungle Fun

  • Hours per week ~

  • Levels 3

  • American English

Big Jungle Fun is a beautifully-illustrated three-level preschool course which follows the adventures of Tommy, Tina and Polly. With its eye-catching design and focus on movement, music and rhythm, it will ensure that English lessons are a stimulating, enjoyable experience for young children.

Key features of Big Jungle Fun:

  • Great variety of activity types and adorable characters which will appeal to young students.
  • A Multi-ROM available for all levels, with a selection of songs from each unit, animated story activities and entertaining computer games.
  • A Teacher’s Book with step-by-step instructions for each lesson and optional extra activities.
  • A Teacher’s Resource Book with 54 photocopiable worksheets, complete audio transcripts, extra activities for celebrations and letters for parents.
  • An activity generator as part of the i-Solutions Pack, which allows teachers to create personalized worksheets.

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Components and resources

Student’s Book

Learn more about Big Jungle Fun: Student’s Book

Teacher’s Book

Class Audio CD




Learn more about Big Jungle Fun: Teacher’s Book

Learn more about Big Jungle Fun: Class Audio CD

Learn more about Big Jungle Fun: Flashcards

Learn more about Big Jungle Fun: Posters

Learn more about Big Jungle Fun: i-solutions

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