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Cubby House

  • Hours per week 1-3

  • Levels 3

  • American English

Cubby House incorporates multiple teaching methodologies to provide children with the best possible learning experience. The series focuses on fostering cognitive skills and motor skills development. Children consolidate what they have learned by doing a project at the end of every unit.

With Cubby House, students will:

  • learn English while developing their cognitive skills.
  • develop their fine and gross motor skills by running, dancing, jumping, imitating animal movements, drawing, tracing numbers and cutting with scissors.
  • explore their creativity, reinforce fine motor skills and consolidate their learning with a project every unit.
  • develop mathematical thinking, like recognizing numbers, counting, and identifying more and less.
  • establish reading skills through fun, original stories.
  • learn about values, building a sense of community and wellbeing.

Components and resources

Student’s Book

Student's CD

Learn more about Cubby House: Student’s Book

Eight units of four lessons each are set around different topics. A CLIL lesson explores an area related to the unit topic, and learners reinforce the unit vocabulary and language with a Review page at the end of the unit. Children can have fun with the enchanting Popouts (in level 1) and Cutouts (in levels 2-3) at the back of their books to complete certain activities in the lessons.

Learn more about Cubby House: Student's CD

Children can listen to all the course audio recordings with their families at home.

Teacher's Guide

Class & Resource

Story Cards


Learn more about Cubby House: Teacher's Guide

The Teacher’s Guide gives you everything you need to carry out successful lessons, with complete teaching notes and instructions. Most importantly, you’ll find instructions for building a play house – your students’ very own Cubby Houses! Young learners will love this activity, and they’ll also have a great time developing their motor skills and giving free rein to their creativity! You’ll also find suggestions for using the cubby houses in class – children can keep their toys or school materials in there, or get inside to play, color, or do other activities.

Learn more about Cubby House: Class & Resource

Learn more about Cubby House: Story Cards

Learn more about Cubby House: Flashcards

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