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M@th Adventures

  • Hours per week ~

  • Levels 2

  • American English

M@th Adventures is an innovative two-level course for teaching mathematics to preschool children. This fun series uses engaging hands-on activities and materials to promote the development of mathematical skills such as counting, recognizing, finding and making patterns, sorting, graphing, estimating, comparing, measuring and problem-solving.

The topics and vocabulary in each unit are appropriate for children learning English as a Second Language, without placing too much emphasis on language learning. The video clips and interactive games provide enjoyable practice of mathematical concepts in class and at home.

With M@th Adventures students will:

  • Develop mathematical skills through hands-on activities and craft materials.
  • Learn and practice math concepts through songs and rhymes.
  • Enrich their practice and experience working with digital components like videos and interactive games.
  • Perform age-appropriate activities to develop mathematical thinking, such as recognizing numbers, counting and identifying more and less.
  • Enjoy working with a wide range of craft materials in the Resource Pack.

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Components and resources

Student’s Book

Resource Pack

Resource CD

Learn more about M@th Adventures: Student’s Book

Learn more about M@th Adventures: Resource Pack

Learn more about M@th Adventures: Resource CD

Teacher's Guide

Resource Pack

Digital Book

Learn more about M@th Adventures: Teacher's Guide

Learn more about M@th Adventures: Resource Pack

Learn more about M@th Adventures: Digital Book

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