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  • Hours per week 2-3

  • Levels 6

  • American English

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Orbit is a six-level inquiry-based series developed for the early years of Primary School. Orbit introduces children to the English language through modern, visual, fun activities. The innovative approach based on topics from children’s everyday lives stimulates their curiosity and inquisitive spirit, arousing their interest and encouraging their active participation in the learning process.

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Orbit features:

  • Work with social emotional competencies.
  • Innovative fold-out design for unit openers.
  • Fun comic strip stories.
  • Activities with cutouts and stickers.
  • Short video-documentaries related to the unit topic.
  • Hands-on section with cross-curricular projects.
  • Games to review the content studied during the year.
  • Extra practice online and the Workbook section to reinforce the lexical and grammatical content.

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