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Stopwatch Accelerated Edition

With Stopwatch Accelerated Edition, students will:

  • Benefit from a strong and consistent methodological background that ensures their progress and success.
  • Develop their receptive and productive language skills with separate sections in every unit for more consistent practice.
  • Get ample opportunity for more practice as the series now offers the Workbook as a separate component.
  • Engage with up-to-date and relevant topics with attractive images.
  • Benefit from a new pronunciation section in the vocabulary or grammar lessons focusing on specific phonological features.
  • Be motivated by the updated timed activities and challenges.

Meet the authors

Components and resources

Student’s Book




Learn more about Stopwatch Accelerated Edition: Student’s Book

The Student’s Book contains an introductory unit, and eight units starting with a Big Question, a timed Think Fast! challenge and a Stop and Think! activity, to arouse students’ curiosity and activate higher-order thinking skills. A Pronunciation section with audio is integrated into the two-page Vocabulary or Grammar sections of each unit; then there are four skills pages, one to practice each skill; and a closing Review. A Consolidation section every three units includes language revision, a Culture section, and a Project.

Big Question

The Big Question establishes the theme of the unit and encourages students’ critical thinking, curiosity and an interest in learning. Stop and Think! activities can relate to critical thinking or to values.

Think Fast!

These quick-thinking games give students a limited amount of time to complete a verbal challenge! The Stopwatch icon shows how many minutes or seconds they get to do it in!


Rich visual support helps convey meaning to the thematic sets of vocabulary presented.


Grammar is completely contextualized, so students can clearly see the meaning, form and use of structures.


A Pronunciation section with audio is integrated into the Vocabulary or Grammar sections, focusing on specific features of the target language.


The four language skills are practiced through high-interest topics, with Be Strategic! tips for skills development. There is a page each for Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing.


Students can practice and consolidate their learning with review activities in vocabulary and grammar that expand on the unit theme.

Just for Fun

A page of fun activities for fast finishers at the end of the unit.


Every three units, there are two extra pages to review and practice language, learn about Culture, and carry out a Project.


Students can experience the rich diversity of cultures and peoples on our planet with these two-page, highly-photographic Culture sections.


Students apply the skills they learned throughout the unit to a creative Project task connected to the Big Question.

Learn more about Stopwatch Accelerated Edition: Workbook

Available in print or digital format! For every unit, the two-color Workbook gives your students extended vocabulary and grammar practice (two pages each); three pages of Listening, Reading and Writing activities; and a Grammar Reference page. Every three units, a Consolidation spread reviews and practices language. All the Workbook audio scripts are at the back of the book (students download the audio from the RLP).


Like the Student’s Book, clear visual support helps convey meaning, and a wide range of activity types make practice motivating.

Grammar exercises move from more controlled and structured, for consolidation, to more personalized activities.

Guess What!

These boxes have extra fun, surprising, or useful information about the topic or the target language – they also feature in the Student’s Book.


Students are exposed to realistic models of the language over three pages, giving them thorough practice and allowing them to develop the strategies learned in the Student’s Book.


Glossary boxes explain new words – they also feature in the Student’s Book.

Grammar Reference

This useful reference page clarifies the use, meaning and form of the unit target language.

Learn more about Stopwatch Accelerated Edition: App

The Stopwatch Accelerated Edition App counts down for the Think Fast! challenges in the book. The chronometer has four default times but students can personalize it, as well as the color of the background, stopwatch and text. They can also choose from eight different alarms! A variety of games let students practice the key vocabulary in each level – they can check their time record and try to improve it every time they play. They can also practice pronunciation of the main words in the Recording Studio.

Learn more about Stopwatch Accelerated Edition: RLP

Our incredible RLP gives your students access to the fully-interactive, digital Workbook with embedded audio, and Grammar, Reading and Vocabulary Worksheets. Students can also listen to and download the entire course audio, for a complete online practice suite! Marking and feedback is immediate – and sent directly to your Markbook – so you can assign these activities for homework or let students work on them independently at their own pace, and track their progress automatically.


Every unit has several Grammar, Reading and Vocabulary Worksheets each, all 100% interactive and including audio where necessary, so you can assign them as homework or students can work on them independently.


Students can listen to all the course audio online, or download it to listen to offline.

My Markbook

Like all RLP activities, your students get immediate feedback and their results go automatically to your Markbook and theirs. Students can check and compare their results by tests, self-study tasks, and class assignments you’ve set.

Teacher’s Guide

Teacher’s Toolkit


Learn more about Stopwatch Accelerated Edition: Teacher’s Guide

Everything you need for successful lessons that meet your students’ needs: There are clear objectives at the start of each section, and a fun warm-up activity to review prior knowledge and prepare students for the lesson. Step-by-step instructions guide you through each activity, including answer keys where needed. Wrap-up tasks personalize newly-learned material at the end of the lesson, usually in the form of a game. An Extension activity in every lesson encourages students to use the language to communicate in real-life situations.

Unit Opener

This page summarizes the vocabulary, grammar and the four skills covered in the unit, and gives you ideas for using the highly visual Big Question page, as well as answers to the Think Fast! and Stop and Think! tasks.

Socio-Cultural Notes

Notes on dealing with topics that can be difficult or easily misinterpreted, with strategies for discussing them.

Language Boxes

Notes to help you tackle the grammar points from the Student’s Book, with suggestions for checking meaning, use and form.

Teaching Tips

Tips help develop your teaching skills and enrich your classroom environment.

Workbook Reference
This tells you the specific Workbook activities to assign for homework.

There are scripts for all the audio at the back of the book.

The Digital Touch
Suggestions for incorporating digital media into the Project tasks, so your students can develop their digital competences.

Workbook Answer Key
Complete answers to all the Workbook activities are supplied at the end of each unit.

Learn more about Stopwatch Accelerated Edition: Teacher’s Toolkit

Your online Toolkit (on the RLP) supplies you with the nuts and bolts you’ll need to successfully fine tune your Stopwatch: all the course audio; downloadable Worksheets; a complete Stopwatch Tests package (also downloadable) with Test Audio; the Project evaluation criteria; and the course Scope & Sequence.

Class Audio

All the course listening material, available to listen to online or download.


One downloadable Grammar, Reading, and Vocabulary Worksheet each per unit, to print/photocopy for students who don’t have online access. There is a separate answer key.

Standard Tests: one per unit, covering the unit vocabulary, grammar, reading and listening skills, with answer key.

Tests Plus: one per unit – these are the extended version of the Standard Tests, and include an extra communication element to assess speaking and writing. They also come with answer key and rubrics to grade speaking and writing.

Mid-Term Tests: to be completed after students have finished Unit 4, with answer key.

Final Tests: to be completed after students have finished Unit 8, with answer key.

Test Audio: available to listen to online or download.

Project Rubrics

These are the suggested criteria you can use to evaluate your students’ performance in the three Projects.

Learn more about Stopwatch Accelerated Edition: RLP

Our accessible, user-friendly platform is your digital home from home! It lets you access a wide range of teaching, consolidation and evaluation materials and activities, in print and online: Worksheets, including audio; a complete assessment package of placement, unit, mid-term and final Tests; digital versions of the Student’s Book and Workbook; and online extra practice activities for language and skills. With the homework assignment feature, you can track and assess tasks through the Markbook, getting detailed reports on your students’ progress and performance.

Additional Resources

Please see the Teacher’s Toolkit section for all the downloadable resources in PDF format, ready for printing or photocopying.

Interactive Worksheets

Every unit has several interactive Grammar, Reading and Vocabulary Worksheets each, all 100% digital, with audio, where needed. Like all RLP activities, your students get immediate feedback and their results go automatically to your Markbook.

Test Manager

Our online testing tool lets you assign worksheets and tests from the Addtional Resources online. These tests/exercises are graded automatically and sent to the Markbook when students submit them, giving you a complete digital assessment package!


The Markbook automatically tracks students’ scores – test scores, self-study tasks, and regular assignments you’ve set. You can assess by average scores, specific language areas, or specific test types, as well as generating class reports.

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