Santillana is organizing the second edition of its International Congress on Educational Marketing, ” Escuelas Memorables”

by Richmond
  • The event, titled ‘Colegios a prueba de future,  will commence on September 20th and will feature presentations and workshops by prominent international experts.

  • With this second edition, the company is continuing its ‘Escuelas Memorables’ project, aiming to provide communication and marketing tools to schools across all of its educational initiatives.

Madrid, August 28th

Following the success of the first edition, on September 20th, Santillana will present its second International Congress on Educational Marketing to Latin American schools, titled ‘Colegios a prueba de futuro’.

This event is part of ‘Escuelas Memorables’, an initiative by Santillana aimed at directors and educators from all their educational projects, with the goal of equipping them with tools for implementing communication and marketing strategies.

The new edition of this congress is sponsored by UNIR and EPSON and is in collaboration with the Confederación Interamericana de Educación Católica (CIEC). It will be available for online attendance through, upon prior registration. On this website, the detailed program can also be accessed, and the starting schedule for each country can be verified.

Engagement, UX, and Acquisition

The 2nd International Congress on Educational Marketing will be structured around three main themes: Engagement, User Experience (UX), and Acquisition. Each of these will be further divided into a talk and a more practical workshop.

With this format, Santillana aims to provide an overview of the latest trends in educational marketing and subsequently translate them into solutions tailored to the reality of schools. The talks will take place on September 20th, while the workshops will occur on September 27th, October 4th, and October 11th.

Both the presentations and the workshops will be led by significant international experts: Anabel Valera (Spain), an educational consultant, leadership specialist, and pedagogical coach; Verónica Molinar (Mexico), an expert in customer service experiences; Maxi Silvestre (Spain), an educator, consultant, and marketing trainer; Denisse Zarruk (Nicaragua), an expert in relational marketing for the educational sector; Janett Patrinos (Mexico), a psychologist and marketing director at Santillana Mexico; and Emmanuel Martínez (Mexico), a digital marketing consultant for educational institutions.

Additionally, throughout the duration of the congress, support material will be provided, and networking will be encouraged through a live chat to facilitate dialogue and the exchange of ideas among schools across Latin America. Participants will also receive certification with a diploma issued by Santillana and endorsed by UNIR.