Ann Gianola

Ann Gianola

Writing stories that motivate students to read and develop fluency has been a focus in Ann Gianola’s career. By delving into the romance novel genre, she hopes to capture the attention of English-language learners worldwide in three comprehensible — and very entertaining — Richmond Readers: A Medical Match, A Floral Arrangement and PR & Prejudice.

Ann Gianola has been a longtime Continuing Education faculty member of the San Diego Community College District. She also teaches intermittently at the University of San Diego’s English Language Academy. In addition, she is the author of six series published in the U.S. by New Readers Press: Stories Plus, From Home to School, Health Stories, That’s Life, Life Goes On and Novel Scenes.

Her interests include spending time with family and friends, enjoying the beautiful surroundings of southern California, and working on current and future projects.

Author's series in Richmond

  • Medical Match
  • P.R. and Prejudice
  • A Floral Arrangement