Marion Grussendorf

Marion Grussendorf

I began teaching by accident when I was still a student at Mannheim University, Germany, and I liked it so much that I took on more and more teaching assignments. So it felt like a good idea to continue working as an English teacher after finishing my studies.

In 2000, I set up my own company and I now specialise in in-company training in the Cologne area. In the last ten years I’ve been mainly teaching people in logistics and the insurance industry. My students work in very different areas so I had to start developing and teaching courses for specific purposes and language requirements. And that’s what I actually love about my job – it’s never boring, there’s always a new challenge and new areas to be explored!

My interest in developing course materials led to the writing of a number of books for German and international publishers including titles on presenting, telephoning, logistics and, last but not least, the four Richmond Workbook Packs, which I enjoyed working on immensely!

I love travelling and meeting people in other countries (New Zealand is my favourite country and given the chance, I’d go there every year…), and I enjoy gardening and watching birds, which for me is the perfect way to relax after a busy day.

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