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  • Hours per week 90-120

  • Levels 2

  • American English

iDentities is a new two-level course for adults and young adults that gives upper intermediate and advanced learners the tools they need to communicate in English with greater fluency and accuracy. This teacher-, learner- and language-friendly course combines high-interest, contemporary texts and topics with a rich vocabulary syllabus and a clear approach to grammar, and is supported by a wide range of motivating online practice and tests on the Richmond Learning Platform.

iDentities can be used as a stand-alone course or as the continuation of the bestselling English ID course.

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With iDentities, students will:

  • benefit from more advanced, inductive grammar, focusing on usage and meaning.
  • enhance their listening skills watching authentic YouTube® videos.
  • systematically develop their writing skills with a full-page writing task in every unit.
  • practice their pronunciation and speaking skills with targeted speaking activities and challenging personalized tasks, including useful formulas, conversation strategies and functions.

Components and resources

Student’s Book


Split Edition


Learn more about iDentities: Student’s Book

Learn more about iDentities: Workbook

Learn more about iDentities: Split Edition

Learn more about iDentities: RLP

Teacher’s Book

Class Audio

Digital Book


Learn more about iDentities: Teacher’s Book

Learn more about iDentities: Class Audio

Learn more about iDentities: Digital Book

Learn more about iDentities: iDentities

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